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Meet Tommy Fulcher

Met Tommy Fulcher Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina. Tommy was born in Durham and has lived in Eastern North Carolina his entire life. He’s lived in small towns and big cities — both as a student and a working adult. He is a product of the North Carolina public school system and then worked his way through college to earn his BA degrees in Economics and Business Management from NC State University.

Tommy’s parents found a way to balance the demands of work, maintaining a home and going to college while raising him and his two sisters. His mom worked as a public school teacher and counselor and then ran a successful small business. His dad was a Methodist minister for ten years before earning his doctorate and then transitioning into the NC Community College system as an administrator for 25 years.

Tommy spent most of his professional career with Carolina Power & Light / Progress Energy Company. He and his wife Elizabeth moved to Dare County in 2004. They now own and manage home-based businesses.

Tommy has been active in community service with various agencies. He has done considerable volunteer work at State Parks, the Beach Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels and devoted years to the USF&WS sea turtle nesting program. He also served on teams supporting HIV/AIDS patients and providing meals to migrant farm workers. He does extensive work for the NC State Alumni Association and currently serves as a NC Community College trustee.